Are hunger strikes effective?

A Brief History

So, Get Ready

It's Urgent

We've spent decades trying to expose the horror of abortion and make it illegal. We have so far failed, and there is no end in sight. Hunger striking is a sure-fire way to bring this issue to the boil.  


Abortion hasn't ended because we aren't willing to make adequate sacrifices. If enough people engage in peaceful forms of protest like this, legal abortion will soon become a thing of the past. Are you willing to sacrifice to end the killing?


The time is now. Lives are at stake. Get organised, muster your courage, and go.

What can I eat?

Most of us will only drink water. If you need to take food, do it. You must not do this to the point of damaging your health, and most certainly not to the point of death. 

The Law of Love

We do this because we love. Violence has no part in this movement. Love compels us to act, protecting babies and their mothers from abortion. 

And if we fail?

Many lives will be lost if we fail. That is a tragedy. We must therefore, in conscience, do everything in our power to end abortion.