There's A War On Babies In The Womb

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"RTÉ should play the video showing how children are killed in the womb. Are they scared of a fully informed debate?" Signed:

Ireland Must Rise Up

Getting on the Right Side of History

The 8th Amendment, which prevents most Irish children from being killed in the womb, is under severe threat as abortion campaigners and their political allies push towards repeal. We must step into the breach and defend the defenceless. 

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Because killing should never be a choice. 

Latest News

18th September 2017:
Hunger strike begins at the gates of Dáil Éireann.

28th September:
Tim Jackson ends hunger strike

8th October:
Former MEP Kathy Sinnott starts hunger strike

10th January 2018:
Cabinet begin planning abortion referendum

The Mission, wherever you are

Failure is not an option

50 million human beings are killed in the womb every year. These unwanted children need us to act urgently. How many more will die if we fail to end abortion?

Here's the plan

We must canvass, lobby, and pray now so that tens of thousands of lives will be saved, by saving the 8th Amendment. Please visit to join your local Life Canvass.

Because this is the most important work on earth

The right to life is the beginning of social justice. We cannot sit silently on the sidelines watching this tragedy unfold. 50 million deaths every year by abortion is a holocaust. The time to act is now. Sign our petition above to support the cause.

Why we must act Now

Because lives are on the line

We need your help

Your support will enable us to reach more people, act more effectively, and save more lives. Please give to the White Flag Movement today.

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